This is How Smart People Make Money

How smart people make their money is actually very cool. Let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg, my dream avatar. For sure, he worked hard coding Facebook for a few years. After that, he audience he created from it would certainly continue to pay him and his entire staff long after the initial coding was done. Every time we go on Facebook, we help him grow that amount. Jealousy is good when it inspires us to do more. I encourage you to start making money through leveraging other people’s efforts. If you are in a job, this is what the boss is doing with you. The average employee contributes three times their cost to profits. Just imagine earning three times as much (or more) for the same amount of effort (or less).

Owning Your Own Business May Not Be A Business at All

A real business makes you money without you having to trade your time for it. But You need to provide value, so you need to have something working for you. It could be people or other assets. When I sell merchandise through my eBay shop, look at everything working for me.

  • The workers in the factory that make the merchandise
  • The servers that host my website
  • The programmers that wrote and maintain the eBay system 
  • The people that deliver the merchandise to my customers

My customers pay all those people on behalf of me. The profits are mine to keep. Now that is leverage in action!

This is not a dream. It is for real!

I have a friend who is a web designer. He was working for somebody selling websites, and the boss was making more money than him. One day he became tired of the arrangement and branched out on his own. My friend the web designer was soon busy all day long making websites for customers he found on social media. But he still was not earning nearly as much as much money as his ex-boss made. My friend had changed his employer, not the way he was making money. He was doing the same job.

A Business is Making Money Using Leverage Instead of Your Time.

The people at the Ikea furniture company are really smart. They sell furniture kits and expect their customers to assemble them. The customers hardly notice because they don’t see the value of assembly. When you buy furniture from Ikea you become their unpaid employee for a few hours. No wonder Ikea made such a profit. If my friend was smart, he would create WordPress templates. The customers would be happy to pay 50% of the cost of a complete website because they could make it the way they wanted. He could easily sell two or three flat-packs a day while leveraging the efforts of his customers. In other words he could create the template once and sell it over and over. As his fame spread, he could appoint agents to handle his orders and gain even more leverage.

Let’s Take this Business Idea to the Obvious Next Level

This is where you and I enter the frame. We could become my friend’s agents and make 10% from every sale we introduce. That way, we would have my friend working for us, although he probably would not see it that way. There are hundreds of thousands of similar opportunities out there. The opportunities to make money from what other people do are almost endless. The smartest way to do this is promoting a product or service online.

Would you like to know about a business that gives amazing leverage - without you needing technical skills at all.

Start Making Money The Smart Way.

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