The Thrill of Earning Your First Dollar Independently

Warren Buffet is worth $66.4 billion. When someone asked how he did it, he  answered, “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute.” He still enjoys the thrill of earning money independently. However, he does caution, “nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money”. By this, he means that business is about keeping your brain on. 

We are certainly not going to promise to make you as wealthy as Buffet. However, we are going to set you on the path to financial freedom, and cross the first stepping-stones together. After that, who knows what could happen next. The only thing that could set you back is self-doubt. This is so unnecessary: We all come from the same mould, although we may not have had the same breaks. 

The Sheer Joy of Making Money Independently for The First Time

I shall never forget the first income I earned independently. My entrepreneurial moment took a while coming because I had spun a cocoon around me of familiar comfort. I was relaxed, well, semi-relaxed about going to work and knowing I would have income at the end of the month. But I did not like the supervisor talking down to me, especially when I had a better way of doing things.  I started a small business I worked on in the evenings. The first thing I did was open a separate debit card. I wanted to separate my income. I wanted to use it to re-invest, not day-to-day things. After I made my first few sales, I printed my statement and had the first real WOW in my life.  The Biggest WOW I Ever Experienced in My Life  Words escape me to describe what that day meant to me, and how I felt. Like Warren Buffet, I had always known I was going to make money for myself, independently. Thoughts stirred my imagination like ‘I knew I could do it’, and ‘look at me world, I am on my way.’ It was not a huge sum of money. In fact, it was less than what I earned in a week at work. But it was a start.

I showed me that I could do it.

I had sipped at the well of success. Soon I would be drinking deeply!  I was hugely tempted to tell the boss to ‘take a hike’ the next morning, but I did not. The important thing about stepping-stones is not to depend on a loose one. We have a rock-solid idea to suggest, but first we want to make sure you have your brain on, and know where you are going. 

The Smartest Move towards Financial Independence 

The smartest thing I ever did was start my own business. My next best idea was keeping my job until I was already earning more from my own business to support my lifestyle. I grew in confidence daily as I saw how much more I could achieve on my own. There must have been a light burning inside of me. It was not long before I grew in stature before management’s eyes, and they started asking me for advice.  Financial freedom came sooner than I thought, in less than two years. It was a thrilling period in my career, being independent of a job, but still using one for advantage. I had progressed beyond the WOW of making money but keeping the profit for myself, to owning my life. The ultimate feel-good that comes from earning independent money is it is all for us to use. 

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